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An herbal preparation used as part of anti-diarrhoeal measurements arising from shortcomings in the animal’s diet.


Quercus robur (petraea)

550 g

Matricaria chamomilla

200 g

Sodium salicylate

20 g


ad 1 kg


The preparation acts as an antiseptic in the digestive tract, protects the intestinal membranes and prevents the absorption of harmful substances.

The main active ingredients are chamomile and oak bark. The active ingredients in chamomile are essential oils that act as anti-inflammatories and antispasmodics and are effective against flatulence. Oak bark contains tannins that act as astringents and have anti-inflammatory effects.


Use as part of anti-diarrhoeal measurements in case of dietetic shortcomings.


Calves, cattle

0.2 g/kg of body weight / day; use for 3-4 days. Stir the preparation into warm water and administer 2x/day (morning and evening) alone or mixed into food.

Weaned piglets

0.2-0.3 g/kg of body weight / day; use over a period of 21 days. Use 5 days before weaning.

Fattening pigs

0.2-0.3 g/kg of body weight / day over 10 days.


1 teaspoon of preparation divided into 10 units or 50-70g/100 l of drinking water. Use over a period of 5-7 days.


0.35-0.75 g/unit/day; use for the first 2-3 weeks after weaning.

Dogs and cats

50 mg/kg of body weight. Use until symptoms subside.

Store in a dry place with a temperature of up to 25 C.

Expiration date: 24 months after manufacturing date