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ROBORAN B is a water-soluble B-group vitamin complex, which are important agents in times of stress, intensive growth, for improving animal reproduction capability and improving the viability of the young. The vitamin B complex has a positive effect in disorders of the hair and feathers. We recommend administering Roboran B for extraordinary stress on the organism, reproduction disorders, environment changes and during convalescence, as well as to improve the overall condition of calves, piglets and poultry, and for a positive effect on poultry egg yield.


Feed supplement for mammals, birds and guinea pigs is added to loose feed mixes or to the drinking water on a daily basis. If needed, dosage can be doubled over a period of 5-10 days.



1-10 g/100 units

Pheasants, ducks, guinea fowl

10-20 g/100 units

Quail, partridge

0.5 g/10 units

Calves, foals

2-4 g / unit

Piglets, kids

0.5 g / unit

Pigs, horses

3-6 g / unit

Dogs, cats, rabbits, nutria, guinea pigs

0.4-0.5 g / unit


Vitamin B1

3,000 mg/kg

Vitamin B2

6,000 mg/kg

Vitamin B6

5,000 mg/kg

Vitamin B12

10 mg/kg


40,000 mg/kg

Calcium pantothenate

15,000 mg/kg


40 mg/kg

Package: 5 kg