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LIVER is an authorised veterinary preparation meant to support the physiological function of the liver with detoxifying and hepatoprotective effects. It’s suitable as part of the treatment for infectious diseases of the liver (infectious hepatitis), chronic liver diseases (cirrhosis), in case of poisoning, administering antibiotics, antiparasitics and other medications, in case of a loss of appetite, for post-operative treatment and during convalescence. It stimulates natural regeneration of the liver parenchyma, contributes to increasing synthetic functions of the liver, supports protein synthesis, and thus enables growth and an increase in body weight. It contains a blend of herbal extracts, whose effects are complementary and mutually strengthening. These effects have been proven in expert studies. “Ask your veterinarian!”

1 tablet contains:


Capparis spinose

26 MG

Common chicory

91 MG

Black nightshade

39 MG

Terminalia Arjuna

52 MG

Indian gooseberry

50 MG

Common yarrow

13 MG

French tamarisk

26 MG

Milk thistle

13 MG

Administer LIVER:

- in case of damage or poor function of the liver

- in case of pathological accumulation of liquids in the abdominal cavities

- in case of hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver

- as a supplement in the treatment of viral hepatitis in dogs and cats, canine distemper, and parvovirus infections

- in case of loss of appetite

- during convalescence after sicknesses caused by a weakened organism

- as a supportive therapy when administering antibiotics

- as protection of the liver in case of toxic effects of some medications, pesticides and other chemical preparations

- to support growth and metabolic functioning

- as a post-operative supportive therapy


Dogs – small breeds, 1 tablet a day

Dogs – large breeds, 2 tablets a day

Cats – 1 tablet a day

Ask your veterinarian!