ROBORAN MSM 500 TBL. a.u.v.

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Description ROBORAN MSM 500

is tablet-form methylsulfonylmethane, a plant-based compound, working in the organism similar to some amino acids as a source of organically bound sulphur. It has proven analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. It has a good influence on mitigating the appearance of allergies, improving the condition of skin and fur. It increases blood circulation, reduces muscle cramps and protects the organism against free radicals. It reduces strain caused by the degenerative processes of connective tissue, which cause pain in the musculoskeletal system. A big effect shows up in post-operative states in the musculoskeletal system and after demanding physical activity, where it stimulates the healing process in damaged tissue and speeds up regeneration. It reduces the production of inflammation mediators, especially interleukin-1, assists with improving the physical condition, strengthens tendons, protects strained joints, and improves their function.

1 tablet contains:


500 mg



Dog’s weight

Starting dose

Maintaining dose

1-5 kg

1/2 tablet

1/4 tablet

5-15 kg

1 tablet

1 tablet

15-25 kg

2 tablets

1 tablet

25-35 kg

3 tablets

1.5 tablets

35 kg and over

4 tablets

2 tablets

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